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W(Double U) Fan Community!

Ai Kago & Nozomi Tsuji

koi no fugue!
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Hello and Welcome to "koi no fugue," A W fan Community Journal. This Journal is for Fans of the graduate members of Morining Musume's Nozomi Tsuji and Ai Kago. Both girls joined Morning Musume as 4th generation members. The girls have been called, "Twins" because they look so much alike and have been said to get along really well. It is said Ai was planning to leave Momusu and Nono came with her to form the new sub-group W(double U). Each girl has been in a number of subgroups/shuffle groups (Mini Moni, Tanpopo, Sakura Gumi, Otome Gumi, ect) and have put out photo books seperate and together. W is known for doing covers of 60's Japanese songs and have a fun sound.

Yes, we are totally aware the song by W is called, "koi no fuga." Thank you for your concern :D

Posting is open to any members that join. Pretty much any thing on W is okay, but her are a few out-lines:

1) Any New or Media information on W
2) You may post images (if more then one please lj-cut)
3) You can post Icons, Winamp Skins, Wallpapers, etc.
4) you may post media files if you wish, but lets support our artists!!
5) questions are welcome!

Just please stay on topic!!

Official Site: http://www.helloproject.com/w/
Our Banner:

neverblue & creampop_orange

W is super cute love.
by musiqgirl

W is perfect PV pose love

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