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W(Double U) Fan Community! [entries|friends|calendar]
koi no fugue!

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[21 Jun 2008|10:10pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi minna-san!

The following information has appeared on Wiki.theppn:

"On 19 June 2008, after six months of inactivity, Tsuji appeared on "YUKO NAKAZAWA BIRTHDAY LIVE 2008" stage with a cake for Nakazawa Yuko."

I was wondering if anyone had further information on this? I've been combing the gossip and entertainment columns, but can't find any reference to it.

It would be so wonderful if Tsuji-san was starting to come back slowly. I've missed seeing her.

Edit: I found audio here, so it looks like it is for real. I'm so happy to hear her voice! I hope video surfaces....

color of my memories...

Kago Ai is back! [12 Apr 2008|11:29pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

It's surprising that neither of the W communities I am in have posted about this.
But, yes, Kago Ai is back! Though obviously not with UFA.
She now has a new blog with her new company, which she calls Biscuit Club.
Here at Hello! Online, you can see the latest news on her interviews including an apology and a translation for her blog.
And here is a direct link to Biscuit Club.

I am so excited to see Kago Ai back! She is my all time favourite. I was doing my usual Hello!Project check up over on totallyhelloproject, and was saying to myself; I hope there is some sort of news on Aibon!
I guess my gut just knew!
It's obvious how much she's grown, not just in her looks. But I do hope that her weight is just from the depression. She is no longer the healthy, plump Kago that everyone is used to. She seems to be past her depression, so hopefully she will gain a bit more weight.
And maybe something better will happen with her hair. Is it just me or does it make her look older than she is? She just turned 20!
Either way, I will love her forever!
Here is to Kago's comeback!!!

[cross posted in w_f_a_n_s ]

color of my memories...

[01 Jan 2008|07:43pm]

 Hi everyone,
I've made 1000 icons for the new year ^^

Rika3.png image by stuutje10 ayabie19.png image by stuutje10 

1000 icons: part 1; Ai kago, an cafe )
1000 icons: part 2; alice nine )
100 icons: part 3; ayumi hamasaki, ayabie, Lm.C, kana, the gazette, Gackt, Rika ishikawa, niigaki risa, nono, BoA )
1000 icons: part 4; SuG, W, Manga, eri kamei, Lolita 23 q, Dennou romeo, various )
color of my memories...

[16 Oct 2007|11:43pm]


I figured some of you would be interested in joining, I'd like to share with you all a new internet Jpop girlgroup!

B.E.A.T.! ☆ Café

We will be a small girlpop group who does Jpop numbers from all sorts of musical Japanese names and groups: Primarily Hello!Project, but many, many others as well.

Members and fans here can expect single covers, compilations, interviews, comic strips, and much more. =]
This is a fun place for fun music and cute things. n.n

Please do check us out! Auditions are being held, hope to see people there. n.n-

-seramew, group leader and coordinator. &hearts
color of my memories...

Kawaii kitai [23 Sep 2007|03:10pm]


Hello everyone,
I'm going to start a new project called Kawaii kitai. It's a new all girl group that's singing Jpop song on the internet.
Everyone (in the age of 10-18) can audition, but you have to read the rules and information properly.

audition? )
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Icon Post [25 Jul 2007|04:32pm]

[12] Matsumoto Jun (12 Variations)
[08] Kanjani 8
[06] W - Ai no Imi wo Oshiete PV
[12] Arashi
[05] Random (Matsumoto Jun, Arashi, Ueda Tatsuya, Yamaguchi Tatsuya)


Rest of the icons here

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Request~ >__ [30 May 2007|10:15am]

Hi everyone, I'm new to this comm, but I'm not new to W~

But yeah, I'd like to request any pictures of W in their Koi no Vacance outfits because me and my friend are cosplaying them for Japan Ex and I really want to do that outfit~

Thanks in advance~ <33
5 had the color of my lover -(*)- color of my memories...

Request for mp3s! [29 Apr 2007|05:13pm]

I have the two W albums, but my computer doesn't have a working CD drive, so I can't rip them to mp3s. I'm also looking for the mp3s of the singles, and any photobooks of W or Aibon. I am especially looking for mp3s of Koi no Fuga and Miss Tantei Q. I desperately want to have an all-W playlist on my mp3 player. Is there anyone who can help me out here? (If at all possible, zips or rars would be great, and not yousendit... maybe something that lasts a little longer so we all have a better chance of getting them?) Thanks in advance!
9 had the color of my lover -(*)- color of my memories...

W (Double U) Picspam [29 Apr 2007|02:37pm]

I'm really in the mood lately for picspams ~~ and as we'll never see W perform again, here's a picspam in memory of them:

Oh yes! 100 pics of pure cuteness~
color of my memories...

Gifs [02 Apr 2007|08:25pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

x2 Battle
x1 Big Bang
x1 Bi Rain
x5 Fahrenheit
x6 Fujii Takashi
x10 Hinoi Team
x1 Jolin Tsai
x6 Jonas Brothers
x1 Kagerou
x1 Kazoku
x7 Kirots
x1 KuRt
x2 Koda Kumi
x2 Lee Jun Hyung
x2 Mini Moni
x5 MooGaDang
x5 Morning Musume
x4 Psycho le Cemu
x1 Se7en
x13 Super Junior
x2 Super Junior K.R.Y
x23 Tokio Hotel
x13 W

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

More over here. :D

Keep in mind that post is NOT dial-up safe in any way. D: 116 gifs are contained there. Sorry.

color of my memories...

Aibon's Contract Ended [26 Mar 2007|10:09am]

For those who haven't heard already:

It's official. Kago came out and said that the latest tabloid articles were true. After discussion Hello!Project has terminated her contract.

So I guess there won't be any more W...

This news is really disheartening to me, as Tsuji and Kago were the main reasons I liked H!P in the first place.
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[06 Mar 2007|03:46pm]
1|ayumi hamasaki
1|card captor sakura
16|kingdom hearts
16|koda kumi
15|nozomi tsuji

color of my memories...

[27 Feb 2007|04:46pm]
Just a link to the article about Kago.

3 had the color of my lover -(*)- color of my memories...

[27 Feb 2007|04:43pm]
Just wanted to post something on here...it's seems rather dead.

It seems as though Kago Ai has been allowed back into the industry!!! ^______^

She is currently working in the agency, serving tea and whatnot to customers, but it seems certain that she's going to be back in the Project.

color of my memories...

[22 Feb 2007|12:05pm]
26♥ fashion
17♥ naruto
1♥ disagea
1♥ ffix
1♥ ffviii
1♥ nozomi tusji
2♥ koda kumi
8♥ ai kago

color of my memories...

Hi everyone! [06 Feb 2007|03:35pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

Nice to meet you all! I'm fan of Aibon and Nono from Ukraine.
Searching everywhere for singles or just Instrumentals for this songs: Koi no Vacance, Koi no Fuga, Robokiss. And tell me please, does 'Shiroi iro wa koibito no iro - instrumental' exist at all? Thanks!

3 had the color of my lover -(*)- color of my memories...

Request~! [04 Feb 2007|04:02pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

Well, it's not exactly W, but it's got Nono and Aibon in it! I was wondering if anyone would upload the Okashi Tsukutte Okasui, The one with genki in the title that I can't remember because I FAIL, and Kazoe no Uta Bath Version mp3s for me. <3; I would love you forever and ever and ever and then some.

PS. Does anyone know if Aibon is returning to W this month? Since her suspension was supposedly be done by February...

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One more... [27 Jan 2007|04:23am]

I'm here to be annoying again with my requests...if anyone could upload a Furimukanaide mp3 that'd be awesome, especially as it's now the only W song I don't have. Thanks in advance.
1 had the color of my lover -(*)- color of my memories...

[15 Jan 2007|07:12pm]
9♥ kingdom hearts
1♥ tatu
3♥ fashion
3♥ ffix
1♥ disgaea
8♥ naruto
1♥ mini moni
2♥ nozomi tsuji
7♥ ai kago

5♥ koda kumi
2♥ vincent valentine
3♥ ffx

over here
color of my memories...

Ai no Imi wo Oshiete! [13 Jan 2007|02:22am]

Hey, does anyone have the mp3's for Ai no Imi wo Oshiete! and Jinx? I'm pretty sure they do to be honest. If you could upload them then I'd be eternally grateful as it's too of very few songs I'm missing from my W collection. Just thought I should mention as well that the rumours a few months ago about Aibon's return coming around February to March don't look so promising as I have some Japanese friends who've tried to find out for me and tehy can't find anything at all. I geuss we can just keep hoping she'll be at the H!P 10th anniversary.
3 had the color of my lover -(*)- color of my memories...

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