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Kago Ai is back!

It's surprising that neither of the W communities I am in have posted about this.
But, yes, Kago Ai is back! Though obviously not with UFA.
She now has a new blog with her new company, which she calls Biscuit Club.
Here at Hello! Online, you can see the latest news on her interviews including an apology and a translation for her blog.
And here is a direct link to Biscuit Club.

I am so excited to see Kago Ai back! She is my all time favourite. I was doing my usual Hello!Project check up over on totallyhelloproject, and was saying to myself; I hope there is some sort of news on Aibon!
I guess my gut just knew!
It's obvious how much she's grown, not just in her looks. But I do hope that her weight is just from the depression. She is no longer the healthy, plump Kago that everyone is used to. She seems to be past her depression, so hopefully she will gain a bit more weight.
And maybe something better will happen with her hair. Is it just me or does it make her look older than she is? She just turned 20!
Either way, I will love her forever!
Here is to Kago's comeback!!!

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